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A handicrafts market is now located at the site of the former Fort of San Pedro. Beneath the fort are located various secret passages which once linked various parts of the city, and provided a means of escape when the fort was being attacked. Some of these secret passage ways are said to date back to Mayan times. The handicrafts are made of: •tortoiseshell •palm of jipi •wood •shells •clay and •porcelanized ceramics •embroidered clothes and •jewelry of gold and silver There is the Campeche Museum which is sited on a converted casa and houses a collection of Mayan pieces, including a mask and some jewelry said to have been discovered upon excavation of the Colakmul tomb. Another museum, San Miguel, sits on the site of one of Campeche's fortresses and contains a model of the walled and fortressed city as it appeared 300 years ago, as well as arms and other objects said to have belonged to some of the pirates in the region. There is not a lot to see in terms of magnificent buildings, however, at the plaza, is a cathedral built in 1546. There is also, the San Francisco Monastery near the malecón which dates to approximately the same period. Campeche also has a brightly colored Government Palace reflective of Caribbean tastes. As might be expected in a seaport town, Campeche has an abundance of fresh seafood prepared in every conceivable manner including some flavored with tasty Caribbean spices. So abundant is the seafood, that large quantites are exported throughout the world. Campeche is famous because of its excellent gastronomy such as the bread of dogfish, and the Nac-cum made with red snapper. You may feel great eating here! Campeche is very attractive to visit and everything is complemented by its offering magnificent hotels and very good restaurants, where you can rest, eat deliciously and become familiar with interesting testimonials of the past.

Joaquin Martinez

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