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   This archaeological zone is located 61 km sotheast of Campeche by the federal highway 180. (see map) Edzna is a Mayan name which means House of the Grimaces. (Could also be ETZNA and means House of the Itzaes.) It is one of the most interesting Mayan cities due to the technological advances discovered there such as: •an avanced system of hydraulic works •a magnificent drainage system and •the rainwater flowed to artificial deposits called Chultunes The Mayan vestiges cover an area of three kilometers east to west and 2 kilometers south to north. There are two large nucleuses of structures: the Group of the Ceremonial Center and the group of La Vieja. (Also "Gran Acropolis" and "Pequeña Acropolis") The ceremonial center has a central square surrounded by several structures such as: •The Acropolis on the eastern side (see picture)•The Large House or Nohol Na on the west •The platform of the Knives on the north and •Temples on the south